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Ban soda to curb children obesity?

Ban soda to curb children’ obesity? What study says Has the period come for college districts over the nation to only say no to sweet drinks? That’s what some specialists say in light of brand-new study suggesting that Boston’s controversial ban on sugar-sweetened drinks offers succeeded in limiting children’ consumption of carbonated drinks and sports drinks – which were identified as main contributors to the country’s epidemic of childhood weight problems mildronate-meldonium.com . A study released in the CDC journal Stopping Chronic Disease demonstrates high-school students in the town averaged 1.38 servings of sugar-sweetened beverage each day in 2006. That was down from 1.71 servings a day in 2004, when the ban – which blocks colleges from selling the drinks on campus – proceeded to go into effect.


It really is more than most likely that these obvious elements were the real reason behind prostate malignancy in the analysis, not the current presence of omega-3s in the bloodstream. But instead than report out of this logical perspective, the mainstream media, just like the study’s authors, are blaming fish oil instead, that was not included within the study even. What occurred to ‘correlation will not equivalent causation?’ The main irony in all that is that medication and vaccine sector shills constantly make an effort to debunk the scientific merits of natural supplements like fish essential oil by declaring that ‘correlation will not equivalent causation.’ This exhausted and painfully overused mantra is definitely a common go-to term used to turn off any conversation about the advantages of food and vitamin supplements as evidenced by scientific study.