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A landmark research, with first author Tyson Oberndorfer, MD, and led by Walter H. Kaye, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, suggests that the changed function of neural circuitry plays a part in restricted consuming in anorexia and overeating in bulimia. The extensive research, june 4 in the first on-line edition of the American Journal of Psychiatry published, may offer a pathway to new and far better treatments for these significant eating disorders. ‘It has been unknown whether people with anorexia or bulimia possess a disturbance in the machine that regulates hunger in the brain, or whether consuming behavior is driven by other phenomena, such as for example an obsessional preoccupation with body picture,’ said Kaye, director of the UCSD Eating Disorders Treatment and Analysis Program.That means a lot more seniors are going to look to their kids for support in making choices. Many will encounter your choice of remaining in their homes, referred to as aging set up, or shifting to a retirement or assisted living community. According to AARP, most seniors want to stay in their homes so long as they can, but that comes with challenges, specifically safety. Surviving in a host that decreases the chance of a fall can be an important component of keeping a senior safe and independent. Limiting the use of narrow doorways, steep staircases and loose banisters can help minimize the hazards at home. A fall can contribute to a decrease in flexibility and independence.