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Bird flu discovery at Dutch poultry farm raises alarm THE HAGUE.

But that is likely to decrease in 2005 because of investments throughout the market. Amendments linked to business rules in the Special Financial Zones in March 2005 have led to permission to conduct providers in the area of information technology, research and development, accounting, technical research and analysis and call centres. In spite of price increases, some border control worries in addition to a few additional teething troubles; Poland can be optimistic about its long term within the EU. In the latter fifty % of 2005, in October the focus will be on the parliamentary elections scheduled to be held.Period. .. Anal Itching Diagnosis The most typical symptom is itching especially during the night and after a bowel motion. There may be a rash in the anal area with skin breakdown or a weeping discharge. If the anal itching is connected with any type of rash, lump, discharge, bleeding, or fever, contact your physician. You might need prescription medicine to make the problem go away. If small children are having trouble sleeping during the night because of intense itching, this could be a sign of pinworms and can require medical attention.