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Ciliary neurotrophic factor has prompted much interest as a potential therapeutic agent.

CNTFR or CNTF alone didn’t protect the neurons, however the two complexed jointly could. In addition, the complicated could foster increased development of nerve cells. Ozog, Naus and colleagues next ran a microarray analysis of the CNTF complex and discovered that it modified the expression of 47 genes associated with nerve growth and survival, suggesting it protects neurons through multiple direct and indirect mechanisms and thus making it a solid therapeutic candidate..A low-fat diet reduces neurotensin production and could be one way to regulate neurotensin amounts therefore, believe Olle Melander and Marju Orho-Melander. However, they point out that if neurotensin is usually to are a target for treatment, a causal relationship must 1st be established. They hope to be able to identify this romantic relationship through genetic research that are currently underway.. Antitumor vaccine How can we induce the physical body to use its own weapon, the immune system, to fight cancer? In basic principle, by the same means used against infectious illnesses: immunization. The production of a selective vaccine is not a trivial task, however. A group led by Horst Kunst at the University of Mainz has now found a way to bind a molecule that’s regular for tumors to a carrier proteins without irritating the disease fighting capability.