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CEO Schmidt admits Google+ is massive data-mining.

CEO Schmidt admits Google+ is massive data-mining, advertising scheme The brand new, but floundering, interpersonal media assistance Google+ has been exposed as being nothing more than a user-driven data mining and marketing scheme, comparable to its popular predecessor, Facebook. In a recent interview with National Community Radio , Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt admitted that Google+ has essentially been designed to gather as much information as possible about individuals, which is then used by companies to market services and products specifically to users dmae .

The transfer of this gene in to the brain is usually a medical technique known as gene therapy. Scott Turner, MD, PhD, director of Georgetown’s Storage Disorders Program. That is our first study of a gene therapy injected into mind, and therefore the trial requires close collaboration with this neurosurgery colleagues at GUMC, in particular Dr. Chris Kalhorn. Turner says Kalhorn, a co-employee professor of the section of neurosurgery at Georgetown University Medical center, routinely performs neurosurgical procedures similar to the one being utilized in this scholarly study. About 50 people with Alzheimer’s disease will take part in this research at less than 10 hospitals nationwide. Only persons with a mild form of Alzheimer’s Disease, who are evaluated and deemed competent to consent for themselves, will be permitted to participate in the scholarly study.