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But a fresh study has found that cat bites are far worse than dog bites.

According to researchers, cat bites can property the victim in a healthcare facility often. And when they do, such individuals must have wounds surgically cleaned and flushed out often, along with infected tissue removed – – an operation that is called debridement. In the Mayo Clinic research, eight of 193 sufferers required several operation; some even needed reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery According to MinnPost, the clinic undertook the analysis to see if they could find any fresh risk factors that might help predict which individuals who come in for treatment of a cat bite to the hand would ultimately have to be admitted to a healthcare facility.Scientists at King's College London, Institute of Psychiatry have now performed among the largest ever genetic replication research of bipolar affective disorder, with 28,000 subjects recruited from 36 different research centers. Their results provide compelling proof that the chromosome 3p21.1 locus contains a common genetic risk for bipolar disorder, the PBRM1 gene. The locus at 3p21.1 has also been previously associated with unhappiness and schizophrenia. Using a separate dataset of over 34,000 subjects, they didn’t confirm association of the same variant with schizophrenia. Hence, they replicated the association of the marker with bipolar disorder, however, not with schizophrenia.