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Engineers at the University of Michigan have demonstrated.

Metal fibers corrode. There are problems with washing such electronic textiles. We have found a much simpler way—an elegant way—by combining two fibers, one organic and one produced by nanotechnology,’ stated Nicholas Kotov, a professor in the departments of Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Science and Biomedical Engineering. Bongsup and Kotov Shim, a doctoral college student in the Division of Chemical Engineering, are among the co-authors of a paper upon this material published on the web in Nano Letters currently.5-millimeter solid cotton yarn right into a solution of carbon nanotubes in drinking water and right into a solution of a special sticky polymer in ethanol.Because of the overwhelming demand of people looking for vein care in North Austin and encircling areas, Dr. Bunker decided to open a second location at 301 Hesters Crossing, 120 Suite, Round Rock, Texas 78681. Related StoriesNew PlasmaDerm remedy facilitates faster healing of woundsUSA Vein Clinics to open new middle in Marietta, GA A common myth is definitely that varicose and spider veins are only a cosmetic issue, but the appearance of the veins on hip and legs or anywhere on the body can be an indication of an underlying medical condition known as venous insufficiency.