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Published online today by the New England Journal of Medication.

The study, published online today by the New England Journal of Medication, will appear in the May 3 printing edition of the journal. ‘This study implies that this minimally invasive process adds years to life and lifestyle to years,’ stated Raj Makkar, MD, associate director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and the Stephen R. Corday, MD, Seat in Interventional Cardiology. Aortic stenosis, a stiffening of the aortic valve’s three flaps, restricts the flow of blood from the center to the rest of the body.Linda continues to desire Minneapolis/St. Paul area residents to discover themselves among the faces featured in the program and to get immunized. Barry was always healthful. We didn’t think to get him or all of those other family members vaccinated against influenza because no-one had chronic illnesses, Linda said. I had to understand the hard way that influenza can affect anyone – not only people who are already sick. Since Barry’s loss of life, I want to do everything I can to let others understand how important it really is to obtain vaccinated. Celebrities, health officials and people have joined the Faces of Influenza initiative, sharing their personal stories about their experiences with the condition and encouraging influenza vaccination among suggested organizations.