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Can Asthma Be Healed?

About 50 percent of children diagnosed with asthma outgrow their disease by late adolescence or early adulthood and need no further treatment. In some of these individuals, however, contact with major respiratory irritants later in life might again trigger asthma symptoms once. Patients who do not control their asthma develop more serious asthma as time passes usually. Moreover, the chronic airway inflammation that can be within asthma when still left unchecked can lead to permanent airway damage. This damage can cause patients to develop persistent obstructive pulmonary disease . In fact, the most common cause for the advancement of COPD in non-smokers is asthma.. Can Asthma Be Healed? Asthma symptoms and attacks may improve with treatment or as time passes, but asthma as a disease is not curable.We are thrilled to be dealing with Cegedim to bring the benefits of integration to their Life Sciences customers and expand Scribe's global foothold. .. Britain heading for a ‘carer crisis’ as population ages According to a new record in 30 years time one in five adults in Britain will be caring for a sick, disabled or elderly relative. The new statement in to the care crisis facing Britain, says the ageing people means the amount of unpaid carers is normally expected to rise from six million today to nine million by 2037. The report which was released by Carers UK, says it highlights the essential dependence on enhanced community care services.