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Cancer-stuffed pizza?

Those who sell this stuff to us figured out a long time ago how to make it addictive , plus they head to great lengths to cleverly marketplace it, so we aren’t really to be blamed for falling for this – – especially when the addiction is certainly instilled in us at a very early age. However, a choice is had by us. And today, it’s harder to excuse the continuing indulgence in this sort of wanton usage because we realize better.But as the bleeding eased, he writes, the doctor said something like ‘Atta girl. That’s what I like. A nice, tight uterus.’ He then recounted something even more horrifying: The physician raised his free hand in the air and began singing ‘La Cucaracha,’ shuffling so it appeared as if he was dancing. The author admitted he started laughing and humming along prior to the anesthesiologist yelled at them to avoid. The essay is short in length but effective in its message: This type of inappropriate behavior occurs and needs to be addressed by the medical community.