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A medical trial of Generx executed by Schering AG Berlex and Germany Laboratories in the United States, with whom Dr. Following regulatory approval, it is not expected that SPECT would be required, and Generx will be administered to individuals during a standard angiogram-like procedure. In the U.S., every year there are more than 1.0 million angiograms performed. Rubanyi said the FGF gene has shown to be probably the most ideal for therapeutic angiogenesis, because it exerts hierarchical control of vascular network formation. Cardium announced the outcomes of the prespecified interim evaluation of the ASPIRE study at the Biotechnology Industry Organization international convention on June 24, 2014: a statistically significant improvement at eight weeks of one-time Generx-treated individuals versus controls in reversible perfusion defect size measured by SPECT.According to the researchers, given that they didn’t obtain their primary endpoints, these vaccines might be abandoned as dead-ends, despite their real therapeutic value in terms of prolonging individual survival.D., chief of the Laboratory of Tumor Biology and Immunology at the National Tumor Institute. While the Response Criteria in Solid Tumors experimental standards works well in analyzing therapies that are toxic to tumors, such as for example chemotherapy or radiation, they are less capable of measuring the more subtle systemic effects of immune response, Schlom said.