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Facebook can be used as a spy device for thought criminal offense Everything written on Facebook can be subject to police scrutiny. In fact, if law enforcement disagree with a person’s opinion or believe they have found evidence against a suspect , they can interpret the Facebook post however they like and utilize it to lock the individual up in a psych ward. The many disturbing story of this kind of misuse occurred in 2012, when Marine veteran Brandon Raub was whisked apart against his will by FBI brokers. Raub was taken to a psych ward because an FBI office didn’t trust his threatening Facebook messages questioning the occasions on 9/11. With truth like this now on view Even, people continue steadily to cling with their Facebook profile.It suggests that cocaine stimuli are similar to other emotional stimuli in raising motivated interest among cocaine users. In the ultimate time interval, 1000-2000 milliseconds, the scientists discovered that healthy controls remained attentive to pleasant and unpleasant images, while abstinent cocaine users continued to react to pleasant and drug-related images at an elevated level. Interestingly, nevertheless, neural activity among subjects who had recently utilized cocaine was no more heightened by the cocaine-related pictures – or by the various other emotionally evocative images – compared with the neutral types. This latest time interval reflects sustained processing and encoding of details, Goldstein said, therefore our findings may reveal an impaired ability for sustained digesting of all emotional stimuli – pleasurable, unpleasant, and drug-related – among the recent cocaine users.