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Peppermint was shown to increase memory space and alertness, while ylang-ylang appeared to impair both. Another study released in the International Journal of Neuroscience once again showed the aroma of peppermint resulted in improved memory and alertness. And one more study in Cincinnati, Ohio exposed a group of college students to the aroma of peppermint oil before a test. Those that smelled the peppermint essential oil showed an improved accuracy of 28 % compared to students who did not. How to INCREASE YOUR Mental Function With PeppermintPeppermint provides an inexpensive and enjoyable way to improve your memory and concentrate. There are many methods for you to use peppermint to improve brain function. The next time you have to clear your head or improve your focus, try one of these: 1.The proportion of individuals who responded, defined by a minimal score on a check for anxiety level, was also significantly greater than those receiving usual care at all points–at three months, 46 % versus 27 %, and at 12 a few months, 63 % versus 38 %. Related StoriesLoyola doctor provides tips to alleviate back-to-school panic in childrenPre-clinical research demonstrates positive effects of advanced prebiotic on neuro-inflammation, anxietyCML survey reveals individual adherence TKI, disease anxietyThe patients getting the CBT and medicine intervention also made considerably greater improvements on two regular measures of mental health functioning. These results were obtained regardless of similar prices of delivery of guideline-concordant [suitable, used as directed] pharmacotherapy to the two organizations, the authors write.