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November 20 effective.

announced today that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Providers notified the company of its intent to impose intermediate sanctions suspending the marketing and enrollment of fresh members of most Health Net Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug and stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan contracts, november 20 effective, 2010. The sanctions relate to compliance with certain Part D requirements which were determined in CMS’ press release released today. The suspension will not affect current Health Net Medicare enrollees. Our concern is to help ensure our Medicare members have access to quality wellness care, customer support and the prescription medications they want. Gellert added, We are working carefully with CMS to solve these matters as quickly as possible. We wish in the next weeks we can demonstrate to CMS that we have successfully addressed the issues they have elevated.Again, avoiding alcohol, surplus coffee and acetaminophen used in NSAIDs , such as Tylenol and others, is advised. Acetaminophen is hard more than enough on healthy livers. However the most proliferate liver malady that can result in cirrhosis is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease . It affects over 90 million people in the usa. Obviously, it’s not from alcohol consumption. And it’s not from saturated fats as the name implies either. The main culprit is certainly high fructose corn syrup , which is ubiquitous in processed sodas and foods. It’s so rampant that there are even instances of kids in their early teens whose daily consumption of junk food and sodas triggered NAFLD to the extent of needing liver transplants.