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The study measured the death rates after medical procedures. Lead author Karl Bilimoria, M.D., medical procedures resident at the Feinberg College and a study fellow at the American College of Surgeons, mentioned that the scholarly study will not look at long-term survival after surgery or factors that influence long-term outcomes, such as whether surgery removed all of the cancer. There could be other reasons individuals should be referred to specialized cancer centers beyond perioperative mortality, he said. Those reasons may include access to medical trials and treatment options only obtainable in an academic setting, state of the creative artwork technology and medical researchers who specialize in a particular kind of cancer. Our findings provide fresh evidence about which individuals need to be referred to a cancer middle and those can have surgery within their own backyards, said Bilimoria.Lately, a researcher from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX, examined whether blueberries could are likely involved in reducing among the world’s greatest wellness challenges: weight problems. Shiwani Moghe, MS, a graduate college student at TWU, made a decision to assess whether blueberry polyphenols are likely involved in adipocyte differentiation, the procedure in which a fairly unspecialized cell acquires specific top features of an adipocyte, an animal connective cells cell specific for the storage space and synthesis of fats. Plant polyphenols have already been shown to combat adipogenesis, which may be the development of fats cells, and induce lipolysis, which may be the breakdown of lipids/extra fat. Moghe will show her study at the Experimental Biology 2011 conference for the American Culture for Diet on Sunday, 10 April, at 12:45 pm.