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UT Southwestern INFIRMARY researchers report.

The experts also theorized that the insulin that all islet produced might stimulate fat manufacture around itself, adding to the problem. The researchers first injected rats with a medication that kills pancreatic beta cells in order to mimic individual insulin-dependent, or juvenile, diabetes , a condition in which beta cells cannot produce insulin. They then transplanted beta cells in to the animals’ livers. Fats accumulations were discovered around islets a month after transplantation. Insulin amounts declined, and the pets died at 15 weeks. In both cases, more beta cells survived. Rats that acquired received leptin also demonstrated the highest survival price of beta cells. Because the variations among the combined groups of rats could possibly be traced to the amount of fat, no anti-rejection drugs had received, the outcomes validate their theory that extra fat was the culprit in killing the beta cells, Dr.San Francisco Chronicle: California Spending Billions To Build New Prisons When the $33.6 million project at the California Medical Service is completed this fall, prison psychiatrists and psychologists will have private offices to treat their patients, and inmates requiring inpatient care could have person cells near a nurse’s station, as required for legal reasons . California View: Medical Oversight Fines Frequently Go Unpaid California dental care regulators have collected only about 20 % of the fines they have levied against dentists within the last four years, a significantly weaker record than licensing authorities that oversee authorized and vocational nurses and psychiatric technicians. That record, uncovered in a recently available legislative record, emerged as the Legislature is usually taking a close look at several medical oversight boards whose regulatory powers are established to expire beneath the law .