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Bundling could save healthcare dollars if snags are overcome Modern Health care: ‘Bundling payments to hospitals and doctors for episodes of care is definitely gaining momentum in the government and in the personal sector as a way to increase provider accountability and improve care – – but lingering challenges may deter its application on a broader scale.’ Demonstration programs that make use of bundling – – paying doctors and hospitals a fixed amount for a package of providers or time period per patient – – have helped hospitals, patients and doctors, save money.Alnylam was named among the best Places to Work in Industry by The Scientist magazine, ranking 8th at the top 10 Small Companies list, and 12th overall.

ChromoCure’s aneuploidy theory of cancer tumor further validated ChromoCure, Inc. – – The Company announces that its long-held theory of malignancy, aneuploidy, has been additional validated by a report published in the January 15, 2010 problem of Cancer Research . Authors Cui, Borysova, Guadagno and Johnson, affiliated with the Section of Molecular Oncology and Analytic Microscopy Core Facility, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Study Institute and Malignancy Biology Graduate Program, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, concluded that Evidence is offered for the hypothesis that the first, founding effects of B-Raf mutations on melanoma advancement occur through aneuploidy initially, before the great things about activated B-Raf to changed cell growth and survival can accrue.