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Teva Pharmaceutical to build up deuterium-containing drug Auspex Pharmaceuticals.

Terms of the purchase weren’t disclosed. Deuterium can be a nonradioactive isotope of hydrogen that is proven to generate new chemical substance entities with original and benefits. This contract demonstrates Auspex’s capability to build on its solid intellectual property placement across multiple therapeutic areas, stated Dr. Andreas Sommer, COO of Auspex Pharmaceuticals. This is a reflection of our initiatives to provide usage of novel deuterated medicines that address significant marketplace opportunities, stated Dr.American College of Doctor Executives offers new training course for physicians to boost patient safety When systems fail in the ongoing healthcare world, the results could be deadly. Therefore creating the most dependable, safest system possible is certainly a priority always. Now the American College of Physician Executives offers a fresh course aimed directly at improving patient protection by helping physicians apply best practices from highly reliable organizations. The Science of Great Reliability: Building Better Health Care strives to teach physician leaders how to improve team performance at both the bedside and in the C-suite by improving knowledge of highly reliable systems. The course focuses on the scholarly research of human efficiency in complex systems and includes systems thinking, techniques for minimizing waste and mistakes, analysis of serious basic safety events and tactics to make a culture where individual safety is the top priority.