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Even in the so-called health mecca of California.

That is ironic since most fairs were originally made to feature fresh agricultural practices and refreshing farm fare. Today, these fairs seem to be devolving into bit more than an excuse to consume some of the most severe garbage on the planet. If you’re unaware, Kool-Aid beverage mixes are nothing more than refined sugar literally, artificial flavors, and artificial, petroleum-based shades. And the sugar-free types, of course, support the deadly aspartame sweetener, in addition to acesulfame potassium, which can be linked to respiratory illness and malignancy origin if stated in the US. With all this in mind, maybe the deep-fried Kool-Aid blob will belong at state and county fairs in the end truly.Iowa’s Hillandale Farms said Friday that it had been recalling its eggs after laboratory tests confirmed illnesses connected with them. The firm did not say how many eggs were becoming recalled or if it’s linked to Wright County Egg, another Iowa farm that recalled 380 million eggs earlier this week. Cal-Maine said the 800,000 dozen eggs account for about 0.3 % of its total sales for that period. More on the egg recall: Egg Recall Farms Associated with ‘Habitual Violator Egg Recall Hits 550M, Among Largest in History Tainted Egg Recall Expands to Half Billion More on egg basic safety: FoodSafety.gov Market egg safety site ‘Cal-Maine offers been actively monitoring this situation, and as soon as we learned of the expanded recall, we began notifying the affected customers immediately,’ said Cal-Maine President Dolph Baker.