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Carrots might help protect vision.

Carrots might help protect vision, not improve In a recent survey among eyecare companies, nearly 30 % hear the next question at least one time a week: Will eating carrots really improve my vision? Here’s the reality: consuming carrots won’t improve your vision, but carrots are filled with important nutrients and vitamins which will help protect vision. ‘One of the keys to maintaining your vision healthy is an overall healthy diet. Developing good eating habits and a balanced diet plan to maintain proper degrees of the important vitamin supplements A, C, E in addition to lutein and zinc such as are found in fruit and veggies will lower the risk of some of these serious vision related problems in the future,’ stated Roger Phelps, O.D., a VSP provider and co-star of VSP EyeFiles. Here are some eye healthy foods to increase shopping lists.Item and brand leaders may use this study to examine successful strategies and strategies for managing assets and avoiding – or managing – product cannibalization when advertising multiple brands for the same region of use.

Anti-brain tumor agent derived from herpes virus passes next hurdle An anti-mind tumor agent developed from a genetically engineered herpes virus has been shown to be safe when provided in two doses and injected directly into the brain of individuals with malignant glioma. New study from UAB published on the web in Molecular Therapy, also showed that the medication, G207, seemed to prompt an immune response in sufferers and showed indicators of actively pursuing and eliminating cancer cells. UAB researchers studied six patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme, probably the most deadly types of brain cancer.