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According to a researcher at Stanfords School of Medication.

They found that, although both combined groups continued to build up new cancers during the study, oral celecoxib treatment decreased the growth of epidermis tumors by about 50 % as compared to placebo in individuals who entered the trial with 15 or fewer basal cell carcinomas. Celecoxib treatment also decreased the overall tumor burden in this group of patients. The drug didn’t significantly affect tumor quantity or burden in patients who entered the study with an increase of than 15 skin lesions – perhaps because of an overall difference in disease intensity. Tang is definitely continuing her focus on skin cancer prevention at Stanford. She’s presently investigating whether it’s possible to develop a topical formulation of the medication which can be applied directly to your skin to achieve an identical protective effect without linked cardiovascular risk.One is defined to maintain good health if and only if he/she is suit mentally and actually both. An integral to an extended life is indeed a Healthy Living. There are various Health articles that guide people for health eating and living. HEALTHY LIVING: In this overly busy and stressful life looking after one’s health gets ignored. If we don’t find ourselves mentally or physically healthy, then life will not sound good. It is very essential to maintain a stability between our Health and alternative activities in environment. Exercises, Yoga exercises, Pranayam, Jogging, athletics, etc enable us to live a wholesome life. EATING HEALTHY: In order to live a Healthy living, it is mainly necessary to practice Healthy Eating.