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In the 1930s, the Aluminum Firm of America continuing Hitler’s fluoride research, funding a study on the effects of naturally fluoridated drinking water on rat’s teeth. Scientists confirmed that fluoride triggered the discoloration of tooth, but hypothesized that it prevented cavities also. They later recommended that U.S. Cities fluoridate its general public water supply using sodium-fluoride, a byproduct of aluminum smelting that’s also utilized as a rat and bug poison, fungicide and wood preservative. In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city to fluoridate its drinking water. For more information read The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson.Also, supplement E is an integral supplement and antioxidant C improves blood circulation. Magnesium maintains rest of the smooth muscle tissue of the tiny arteries suffering from RS. Omega-3 efa’s are anti-inflammatory and help reduce outward indications of RS. Fish essential oil also boosts tolerance to cold publicity by increasing blood circulation pressure in the fingertips. Also, since Scleroderma, or secondary Raynaud’s, can be a kind of autoimmune disorder, usually do not eliminate Aspartame, a nerve toxin, just as one cause.