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Researchers say.

Children with larger waists are more at risk of developing coronary disease later in life Children with more fat about their midsections could be at a larger risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life, researchers say. While general weight problems certainly has its own set of dangers for the heart, we have now understand that all fat is not created equally, says Dr malegra.net/side-effects.html . Reda Bassali, a co-employee professor of pediatrics in the Medical College of Georgia College of Medication and co-author of a report published on the web in the International Journal of Pediatric Weight problems. Increased waist circumference has long been associated with cardiovascular risk in adults because visceral unwanted fat – within and around organs in the stomach cavity – is even more metabolically active, which can increase the threat of coronary disease and type 2 diabetes dramatically.


Non-GAAP gross margin was 83.1 percent for 1Q FY2011 which increased year-over-yr from 79.1 percent for the corresponding period of FY2010. The year-over-year upsurge in non-GAAP gross margin was primarily due to more contribution from the sales of FISH probes and HPV-DNA chips and the decrease in free of charge ECLIA analyzers and SPR analyzers as mentioned above. Research and development expenses were RMB10.8 million for 1Q FY2011, representing a 1.1 percent year-over-year increase. The year-over-year increase was primarily due to a rise in salaries of analysis employees offset by a decrease in stock compensation expense.