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Rebeca Rico-Hesse at Southwest Base for Biomedical Research.

After one has contracted a second contamination with the virus, or as Rico-Hesse’s research has shown, even one infection with virulent of its strains, he is vunerable to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which also causes massive internal bleeding that can sometimes lead to death. With no drug therapy available, treatment for dengue typically includes rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and usage of discomfort relievers that do not include aspirin. Rico-Hesse has been monitoring one of the most virulent strains as it’s transferred around the world, and it first appeared in Texas in 2005 with a little outbreak in Brownsville. That means we can expect to see more severe disease in South Texas, and we are able to expect dengue to pass on more quickly.To drive adoption, QIAGEN supports companions like Clarient with co-marketing programs, reimbursement assistance, on-site validation and conversation with pathologists and oncologists. For an updated set of U.S.S. Could reap the benefits of KRAS testing, regarding to QIAGEN estimates. In sufferers for whom standalone medical procedures and chemotherapy are insufficient, treatment with an epidermal development aspect receptor inhibitor such as Erbitux has been proven to improve overall survival.