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Its enzyme replacement therapy for the treating Gaucher disease.

In the mind, glucocerebroside comes from the turnover of complex lipids during brain advancement and the forming of the myelin sheath of nerves.. Clinical trial of enzyme replacement therapy for the treating Gaucher disease Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc. Today announced that it has initiated a scientific trial to evaluate the safety and clinical activity of GA-GCB, its enzyme replacement therapy for the treating Gaucher disease. The scientific trial will involve twelve patients with Type I Gaucher disease, who’ll receive treatment for nine months. TKT expects the trial will be completed in 2005. ‘This trial was designed to replicate key results of the analysis the FDA and additional regulatory firms relied upon in approving the first enzyme replacement therapy for Gaucher disease,’ stated Paul M. Continue reading

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Are You A Right Candidate For Locks Transplant Surgery?

Let’s hope this article gives you a simple guideline about candidacy criteria.. Are You A Right Candidate For Locks Transplant Surgery? Anyone undergoing a hair loss is interested in seeking the best hair loss treatment available. However, you need to decide on a right treatment, right? You can seek the very best hair thinning treatment in Chennai, New or Mumbai Delhi, finding a right one is definitely a tricky gambit indeed. You will need to select an experienced hair transplant doctor in Chennai or New Delhi if you intend to take the medical route. But, you should be the right applicant for the locks restoration surgery as well to have the best results. Continue reading