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Antidepressant drug sales plummet as patents expire and individuals flee to safer alternatives The market for antidepressant drugs is quickly drying up as patents about long-period blockbusters like Lexapro, possessed by Forest Laboratories, and Seroquel, owned by AstraZeneca, continue steadily to expire. And because they’re unable to develop fresh multi-billion-dollar blockbuster drugs to take their locations, many drug producers are altogether ditching the antidepressant business, especially as studies continue steadily to emerge displaying that antidepressants are largely worthless and cause more damage than good. A recently available Reuters report appears to bemoan the actual fact that development of a fresh antidepressant medication ceased after it was discovered that the medication was ineffective main information . Continue reading

Can Penis Pain End up being Due to Vaginal Fluids?

Vaginal fluids If it appears that the vaginal fluid may be the reason behind the discomfort, there are methods a couple may take to alleviate the problem. * Acid level adjustment. Diet can play a role in pain caused by vaginal fluids, particularly if the diet is saturated in acidity. Sometimes the acid-based foods become expressed through the fluids, which can creating a distressing burning sensation in a male organ with sensitive skin. * No douching. Occasionally what the male organ is reacting to is not the liquids themselves but leftover elements from a recently available douching. Refraining from utilizing a douche near the period of intercourse can help. Continue reading